Tech Team

Tech Team

GitOps powered by Argo projects

In this article, we’ll take you on our journey of implementing the GitOps methodology using #Kubernetes #GoogleKubernetesEngine #GoogleCloudPlatform #Terraform #Hashicorp #CircleCI and #Argo

The Front-End tests story of QIMAone

This story aims to share what, we think, was the best decisions we made - and also the bad ones - to maybe help you as well to find the good balance regarding the tests on the Front-End side. We also share our thoughts and what we plan to do in the future to improve our tests and process.

Télécharge moi un PDF

Cet article est un retour d'expérience sur la manière dont nous créons les fichiers PDF dans nos rapports d'inspection à partir de notre application web et en utilisation puppeteer, Node.JS, Cloud Functions et la magie du web.